Auditor General of New Brunswick
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To view these PDF files, download the free Adobe reader.

To view these PDF files, download the free Adobe reader.


To view these PDF files, download the free Adobe reader.

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Auditor General Report – Volume I (June 2018)

Volume I - This volume presents performance audit reports completed during 2018 on WorkSafeNB governance and addiction and mental health services in provincial adult correctional institutions. The volume also presents the Auditor General’s concerns on NB’s continuing fiscal decline and the Auditor General’s eroding independence due to a lack of resources.

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2018 Perspectives on Climate Change Action in Canada – A Collaborative Report from Auditors General (March 2018)

This report presents summary information on Climate Change work conducted by Auditors General from the Federal government, territories and most Canadian provinces.

The Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development will be available for media interviews following the webinar. For interviews with provincial auditors general and inquiries about provincial climate change reports, please contact provincial offices directly.